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“Sins” thriller short film Directed by Jeremiah Kipp, Written by Ilaria Malvezzi, Produced by Rob Alicea and Ilaria Malvezzi, Shot by Dominick Sivilli. Currently in post-production.


Set in the 60s in the countryside of New York, the seemingly tranquil life of an Italian mother, Nina and her daughter Annabel, is disrupted when Annabel brings home for dinner her new boyfriend Marco, an Italian young man, striking handsome, full of charm and fervor. His presence, like a fuse, will irreparably throw their lives into upheaval.



Nina is an Italian immigrant who lives with her daughter Annabel in the country side of New York. She is a wild, unapologetic and free spirit woman, yet very loving to her daughter Annabel, who is, in contrast, contained, conformist and very dedicated to her local church. Annabel, although aware of her mother intemperate nature, asks her new boyfriend Marco, an Italian young man, for dinner to present him to her mother. It is apparent that Nina and Marco are instantly attracted to each other. Nina is fascinated by his youth and beauty while Marco is intrigued by Nina’s sensuality and rebellious nature. When Annabel leaves for the weekend to chaperone for her church field trip, their rising sexual tension explodes in an intense love affair. At her return, Marco and Nina have to face the impossibility and the damages of the relationship, but unable to end it, they push themselves and Annabel to the edge of insanity, consumed by jealousy, rage and guilt.


Director Statement

In true passion, there is no holding back. We feel sweat, tears, blood, screams, sex, pain, loss and rage. Love is a mighty power, and the characters in "Sins" are driven to a love without limits. Set in a thinly repressed early 1960s before the summer of love, with an immigrant cast lost between the old world and the new, we are drawn into a trap. It only makes sense that we'd shoot this film noir in black-and-white, with deep shadows and an almost dreamlike atmosphere, where we wonder what life is like if we go too far.



Inspired by a novel of Italian author Giovanni Verga “La Lupa” (1880), “Sins” has the premise to capture the inner conflict between spirituality and carnality, that is apt to erupt in uncontrollable passion and violence. Being an Italian woman, I inherited both the culture of the greatest romanticists as well as the doctrines of the imposing Vatican. I feel compelled to to tell a story that expresses such internal and eternal contradiction. Setting the film in the early 60s, a period in time where sexual freedom and transgression were greatly condemned, adds drama to our characters’s condition. My team is made by an ensemble of established and hight profile film makers who will seize the torment and the poetry of consuming love. We aim to submit the film to top tier festivals across the world.



It takes place in the heart of Catskills, NY, outside a small town called Leeds. The old cottage is from the early 60’s and it is decorated with vintage furnitures and antique details. It feels like stepping into a different era, evoking memories of a far gone past. The propriety is surrounded by a stunning landscape of woods, mountains and lakes that makes it the perfect ambience for an intense and veracious story of passion.



“Ilaria’s script jumps off the page with forbidden passion. The sensuality and sexual tension spills worth through its vivid, well crafted characters making the audience complicit with the guilty pleasure of watching them indulge their desires.”

~Joseph Fiorillo~ Writer

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